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R egius is our family’s fondness. For many years, a dream to return to our home village Priekopa has been lingering in our hearts. A winding road lined by old apple trees leads you to this place that resembles an end of the world. And indeed, the road disappears in the woods a while after you pass the last houses of the village. We returned back to the work of a winemaker who knows each plant of the vine and takes care of it with affection. We cleaned and ploughed the slope with volcanic tuff and with geometric precision planted there Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling and Traminer. Daily the young grapevine needed help to cope with the stony soil. We like the mild wind that blows around and keeps vine healthy.



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Naše víno Rízling rýnsky 2006 bolo ocenené na najprestížnejšej svetovej výstave vín

Decanter 2014 v Londýne.